College Athletes

West Valley Gymnastics School has a long history of competitive success, and we are especially proud of our athletes who went on to continue their gymnastics careers at the collegiate level. To date, 25 athletes from WVGS have competed for more than one dozen different universities throughout the country. Check out the complete list below:


Liza Bettencourt 84 SJSU  SJSU_Logo
Cyndie Hudson 85 University of Washington  washington-logo
Melanie Weispfenning 87 Cal Poly Pomona/SJSU  calpoly
Amy Reardon 89 Cal Poly  calpoly
KC Marcelli 89 UC Davis  uc-davis-logo
Jen Ward 91 Stanford  Stanford-Football-Logo
Liz Alden 95 Berkeley  berkely
Wendy Lau 96 Berkeley  berkely
She-Rae Chen 97 Stanford  Stanford-Football-Logo
Lindsay Baker 98 Berkeley  berkely
Christina Wong 99 University of Washington  washington-logo
Kelsey Stillinger 99 Stanford  Stanford-Football-Logo
Lauren Mirkovich 01 Michigan  michigan
Mandy Delgado 01 Stanford  Stanford-Football-Logo
Mari Bayer 02 Alabama  Alabama
Cassidy Willingham  02 University of Denver  UDenver_Logo
Kari Kucera 03 Cornell  cornell
Hayley Gutman 03 Cornell  cornell
Cynthia Leung 04 Yale  yale-logo-jpg
Casey Jay 04 SJSU  SJSU_Logo
Alina Liao 05 Yale  yale-logo-jpg
Lauren Tatsuno 05 Yale  yale-logo-jpg
Tricia Woo 05 Nebraska  Nebraska-Cornhuskers-Billiard-Logo
Tiffany Tam 05 Berkeley  berkely
Emily Stebbins 08 SJSU  SJSU_Logo
Brianna Pearson 16 BYU byu

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