Our aim is to make happy, healthy, confident children, who enjoy gymnastics to their fullest potential. Please be aware that not every child will progress through the levels directly, and each level is not for every child. To ensure the fullest understanding of these classes, and their purpose for your daughter, please speak with your instructor.

Classes Are Invitation or Coach Referred ONLY!

Intro to Team

Ages 4-6

This class meets two times each week for 90 minutes each session.

Intro to Team is an invitation-only class. Held twice a week (on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday) Student teacher ratio is 6:1.

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Pre Team

Ages 5-8

This class meets two times each week for two hours each session.

Pre Team is an invitation-only class held three times a week for two hours each time. This class is very demanding, and requires a high degree of gymnastic potential, focus, attention to detail as well as a fast paced skill development program. Student teacher ratio is 8:1.

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Level 2

Ages 6-18

Level 2 is an invitation-only class.

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